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Прошивка Linuxmod Fusion 2, V8

сообщение 20.4.2009, 2:17


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Из: Russia, Perm
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Модель телефона: Atrix 4G
Прошивка: 2.3.6 - 4.5.2A

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New version of the famous Linuxmod Fusion for V8 2Gb.
Thanks to: Rasputin007, Abram, kleto, BeZ, c_ro87, CepiPerez, Segnini75, RacingLocura07, Snippey, Skrilax_CZ, InsecureSpike, Rafa, Faussto, Pull2111, Maurizio Olimpisky.

New Features:

- MPKG Packets Installer. (kleto)
- NO RSA. (Rusos-kleto)
- CPU Frequency.
- Skins Installer.
- Video Camera 352x288 resolution. (Skrilax_CZ)
- Faster start and shutdown.
- zLauncher 2.1 with textviewer. (BeZ)
- V8 Manager (Z6 Manager).(CepiPerez/segnini75/c_ro87)
- Backup Tools, suport all backup types. (Triforce)
- Change fonts. (Rasputin007)
- Mostly in spanish. If you flash your own language you will only loose font changer.
- Firmware R601_G_80.56.1BR.
- EFM.

IMPORTANT!!!!! Only for V8 2GB.


MPKG Installation: It is in spanish but too easy. Just follow the steps.
1 - Select and run the package mpkg
2 - Select where you want to load the mpkg: Phone or SD
NOTE: There are packages mpkg that only work if you install them in the SD card (Mplayer, SwapMemory, etc)
3 - Check if requested and expect to finish the process. Avoid using the phone at that time.
4 - Confirm Refresh system to display the icon in the main menu. It takes about 20 seconds to refresh. and READY!
5 - To remove MPKG you must use the "V8 manager" found in tweaks. Then posicionate on mpkg, choose options
and select "Uninstall." Once completed it is advisable to refresh or restart the phone.

Since I mention the V8 Manager (I repeat is the Z6 Manager) it can also:
- Install packages mpkg, although the phone already brings another installer created by Kleto.
- Uninstall mpkg packages.
- Change the duration of the alarm.
- Change the time of visibility bluetooth.
- Change the number of ID numbers from Contacts.
- The other functions do not work completely since they are designed for the Z6.
- NOTE: The V8 Manager takes 10 seconds to open, be patient. The zNoThief DOES NOT work.


Applications such as: SwapMemory, Sysinfo, MPlayer, etc, are all in mpkg format , install them only if you want.
Next, I put the link with the compiled MPKG.
That is the new way to load applications to our phone.

MPKG are exclusives for the V8 with Linuxmod Fusion 2, I do not Know if they will work well in the New elysseum MP by kleto, you sholud just try. Almost all were adapted from Z6. Anyway, some mpkg packages from other phones may work as not.
Most mpkg packages are in English and Spanish. While some are only in Spanish, their use is very easy and intuitive.
The instructions for using each one are in Spanish on the Spanish forum in the Z6 section. But again, they are very easy to use. Use serch command to find them.

How to Flash:

Here is the most important thing, if you have or if you haven't the boot A3.CF_NORSA
You will find NoRSA bootloader in the RAR file. Now, follow these steps:

1 - Battery 100%
2 - Connect the mobile to the pc switched on
3 - Open RSD Lite 4.3 or higher
4 - Select the appropriate file for your bootloader, please pay attention here:
5 - If you have the boot A3.CC, you must first flash the boot A3.CF NORMAL (this is needed or you may kill your phone) Find A3.CF Normal bootloader in any forum.
6 - Once you have the Boot A3.CF Normal (if you don't have it, do not continue) you should flash the boot A3.CF_NORSA provided (Folder Step1)
7 - Once you have the boot A3.CF_NORSA , just now in these conditions flash Fusion 2.
8 - Select the file LMF2.sbf and flash Fusion 2 (folder step 2)
9 - Do not disconnect until the RSD Lite window says: PASS
10 - Ready, to enjoy LINUXMOD FUSION 2


Once flashed the MP, you should do something that is fundamental:
- Go to tweaks/modding/iniciar_fusion_2 open it, and you will see a menu, select "iniciar fusion 2". This is necessary only once.
- You Must have a JAVA game/application installed on the SD before loading any mpkg.
- After doing this it is always good to reboot.
- If the CameraMod does not work, you must install the vCameraMod and that will work well.
- Most of the options are in spanish and english. to change zLauncher language, you should got to:
and stand on settings.cfg and press "3". That will open that file with the TextViewer, then edit the line that says: Lang: spanish.lng typing: Lang: english.lng, and with that it woluld be in English.
There are a few more options that are in spanish, but they are easy to use.


Оригинальный топик:

Порядок прошивания:
1. Bootloader A3.CF (если у вас какой-либо другой бутлоадер).
2. Bootloader A3.CF No RSA.
3. Прошивка Linuxmod Fusion 2 (на данный момент есть версия только для одной модели - 2GB. Также, она подойдёт для Luxury Edition).
4. Лэнгпак LP002EE.

Bootloader A3.CF
Bootloader A3.CF No RSA

2GB Linuxmod Fusion 2

LP002EE - UK English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish & Portuguese; Russian voice commands only

Linuxmod Fusion 2 Packages

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