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[Droid x2] AOKP - Android Open Kang Project, Порт Android 4.0.4 с Atrix 4g

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AOKP - Milestone 6 for the DX2/MX2
Требования к прошивке: Наличие прошивки версии 2.3.4
Обсуждение на форуме xda-developers
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Описание прошивки на английском

This is a port of the milestone 6 AOKP build available for the Atrix 4G (made by Th3Bill), using DzK's CM9 Alpha 5 as a base. From my testing on my MX2 it would appear that it is about as stable as DzK's CM9. There is a build for the MX2 that has DzK's wifi patch integrated and the kernel check removed, and there is a build for the DX2 that has the kernel check and no wifi patch. I take no credit for any of this, all I did was port it over and add a 1% Battery Mod (sort of)

What Works:
-Data Usage
-AOKP ROM Control
-1% Battery Mod**
-All that other important stuff

*Camcorder does not record video, it opens, it zooms, but it doesn't record.
**1% Battery Mod is on the status bar only, lockscreen will still show increments of 10%
***See the end

-On first boot homescreen glitches out after set-up. Fixed by hitting okay to all of the “hints” that pop up, then changing the wallpaper.
-Rare random reboots.
-4G section in settings crashes the settings app since we don’t actually have 4G.
-Assumably any issues with CM9 Alpha 5 will still show up here.
-If you find anything else let me know.

Same rules that apply for flashing CM9 Alpha 5 apply here. So, you can flash over CM7/CM9 or Blur but always wipe /data and /cache, I recommend wiping /system as well. TiBU app restores for system apps are still a no go.

1. Boot into recovery.
2. Nandroid.
3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Wipe Cache. Format System. Wipe Dalvik cache.
4. Flash ROM.
5. Flash GApps.
6. Wipe Dalvik cache and fix permissions.
7. Reboot.
8. If boot hangs on the big “M” do a battery pull and start it up again. It might take a few tries.
9. After a few minutes Set-up will load.
10. Follow the prompts until you get to the homescreen.
11. There will be three hints that pop up while your homescreen is glitching. Just tap the okay button on the first one, open your app drawer for the second, and tap okay again for the third.
12. Long-press on the homescreen and change your wallpaper to get it to stop glitching.
13. If you want any of the apps I removed back, download Removed-apps (NOT flashable).zip from the above zip and unarchive and push the apps you want to /system/app/ then set permissions to match the rest (0644 for those of you using chmod in terminal).
14. Enjoy.

*adding the below updates now*

DX2/MX2 Carriers with APN support.
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile
Boost Mobile

MX2 users without APN support MMS instructions:
1. Download the app "APN settings shortcut" from Google Play.
2. Do a Google search for your carriers APN settings.
3. Place the "APN settings shortcut" widget on your homescreen and tap it.
4. Change the current APN settings to the correct ones by tapping on the first available set of settings in the first menu and changing each field as necessary according to the settings you found in your Google search.
5. Back out of the menu and exit the app.
6. Reboot
7. Congratulations you should have working MMS now.

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