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Нужна помощь в переводе

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По могите перевестит текс
The IMG is made for Moto X 2nd Gen sold in China mainland aka " XT1085" which was released a week ago. Major retailers in China have started to sell since Feb 5.
I can confirm the system also works well on my XT1095 pure edition,however Moto engineers have removed almost all of the google apps and services and implemented some key features with native chinese apps,like Moto Voice. Most of the bloatwares can be easily removed except a security app of lenovo and a voice assistant named Linxi.

You can get the full IMG from a mirror server in china or file factory
md5sum: 95306D8D80B1F60285E14D2A6FD7F4F0

XT1095 pure edition users can flash the boot.img and system.img via Fastboot utility.(1.Please backup your data before doing this!
2. Just flash the boot.IMG and all system image chunk files. Don't flash other partitions especially GPT and Bootloader,otherwise you would upgrade BL to 0x6012.)

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